where is December going…

Christmas is less than a week away. Finals ended today. It was noticeably quieter on campus and in the library today. You may have read about our excitement on Tuesday night when a water line — on top of the building — froze and broke, dumping thousands of gallons of water into the building. Nothing quite so exciting in tech services, thank goodness.

After our 509 Graze Fest*, the highlight of my week was working on database usage stats. I noticed a number of colleagues mentioned that they were doing the same thing. Is it that time of year? I also worked on invoices and renewals, and activated a couple of new e-titles — tell me, do you get e-mails out of the blue from publishers saying ‘hey, go activate this’, when you never knew you were getting access? One I received this week didn’t tell me what title we had access to…  great fun!

*Graze Fest is an annual holiday ritual we (i.e., the staff in room 509) celebrate: it’s day-long grazing at a buffet table filled with homemade & store-bought goodies. The food was exceptionally good this year – even the dean & assoc. dean thought so. (We do share our feast!)


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