remiss in my posting…

It’s the middle of January! I’ve been busy on the homefront with family matters.  (May I use that as an excuse for not posting?) I took off a couple of extra days this month (Jan 5-6) in order to have more quality time with visiting family, so that put me behind a couple of days at work. Last week was email catch up, tracking down & paying invoices, working on licenses, inputting information in Verde.  This week – more of the same! Next week – you guessed it – ditto!

Work will continue to get more hectic:

  • prepping for NASIG board meeting
  • NASIG org sponsorships heating up
  • NASIG Unconference preparation
  • continuations analysis review may eat up lots of time
  • all evaluations written: need to set up meetings with staff
  • major budget issues
    • the provost & others visit us next week for an update
    • governor’s budget just came out yesterday: it doesn’t sound as bad as we expected but it’s still early in the process
  • reorganization talks continue
  • we officially lost one staff member in CatSer last week; 2 or 3 retirements expected by Sept. 1 and we have a hiring freeze – it’s good we’re talking reorganization & rethinking the work we need to do in the near future
  • we survived the Voyager upgrade
  • booked my flights for UKSG at the end of March
  • my sabbatical has been approved!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m tired.  Can I go on sabbatical now???   : )


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