where in the world…

I’m still here. Really, I am.

Real life and fun things tend to get in the way of my posting. Heck, I haven’t even been checking my feed reader regularly in the last few weeks except for items posted to our library blogs.  I actually started to take a look at posts in library-land late Friday afternoon and then said ‘maybe I should go post on my own blog’. So here I am. But now it’s Monday…

I was in Denver Jan. 21-23 for the NASIG board meeting. I only have one more board meeting to attend in June. I cannot believe that I’ve been at this for 7 years (4 years as ex officio & 3 as an exec officer)! It will be a very strange experience but one that I expect to survive! For the moment though, there is much left to do before my term ends: sponsorships are keeping me busy; N&E is prepping the slate for the upcoming election; and I’m on the planning committee for NASIG’s very first regional UnConference. I hope this is a successful regional event and that NASIG offers more in the way of continuing education in the future. The timing isn’t great considering current economic woes but we are jumping in with both feet.

I am working on my UKSG trip details. Flights are booked. B&B in Torquay is booked. Conference registration is in process. I’ll have 3 days on the front end of the trip to adjust to the time change. I’m hoping to spend my first 2 nights in St. Ives and have been exploring hotel & B&B options there.

On the work front: Verde, invoices, annual evaluation meetings, and an annual reappointment review were the time-grabbers last week.  This week: continuations analysis spreadsheets & the ACRL survey need to top my list; our CCOP (College Committee on Planning) also meets to review its role related to the university’s financial stress issues. I have department heads meetings (both university and library), my managers’ meeting, a department meeting, and that continuations analysis meeting among other things.  Okay… I better get to work now!


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