Friday wrap-up

The week is coming to a close…and I’m sure I accomplished a few things:

  • Negotiated new performance plans with 3 of my staff.  Two are complete; 1 yet to discuss; 2 more yet to negotiate.
  • Reviewed spreadsheets for a title overlap analysis…lots of spreadsheets…and more yet to work on next week
  • Prepped worksheets for the ALS Survey which I need to complete early next week; read the ARL survey and noted that they’ve changed the definitions for some serials categories (AGH!)
  • Reviewed and/or finalized several licenses
  • Cancelled 1 database; sent usage data on another to collections decision-makers
  • Heard the bad budget news: 4.25% call back for this FY and planning for worst case scenario for FY10, a 15% cut; no $$ to cover inflation on serials/monos
  • Took collection footprint reduction plan to the leadership council, which required a pre-meeting with the head of Gen Info Srvs since her sorting unit will be impacted; next stop: Collections Council
  • Emails flying about the NASIG Unconference; things will really pick up by the first week of March
  • Met with our Ebsco reps
  • Minimal Verde work this week (not because there aren’t things to do… )
  • Attended various meetings
  • Updated the TSRT website (or was that last Friday?)
  • Responded to a good number of NASIG board emails
  • Read a few cool library-related blog posts & forwarded them to staff

It was a long & busy week. Next week looks like it will be busy, too.  Is there ever a week that is NOT busy in library-land?


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