random thoughts

Mary B. and I met last week to determine what things we needed to follow up with only a couple of weeks before the 1st NASIG Regional Unconference.  I just completed this week’s Unconference checklist so I feel like I’m making progress:

  • wireless mobile computing cart has been ordered so we’ll have laptops available for attendees who aren’t bringing their own
  • emailed PPC co-chairs to ask about topics that had been highlighted at previous NASIG conferences that might be worth adding to the unconference topics list
  • sent out a message to our own library staff to tell them about the unconference
  • emailed our tech support folks to remind them we may need help on the 20th
  • emailed building services to verify that I ordered a ‘classroom-style’ set up for the main meeting room
  • chatted with our mono acq librarian who is also heavily involved in collection management that he might want to attend the unconference

Mary and I meet again on Friday. We’ll probably have another checklist after that meeting.

I’m making final plans for the UKSG conference at the end of the month. Ordered a BritRail pass, RailAir pass, & some British pounds – will get those picked up this week. I was trying to figure out if I could fit in a play at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon the evening the conference ends, but there are some transportation issues because my flight home leaves from Heathrow at 8:50 the morning after the play.  Next time I just need to remember to book the afternoon flight home! (Next time, I’ll have a more leisurely stay in the UK – sabbatical can’t start too soon!)

Time to prep for the Leadership Council meeting…


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