daylight savings redux

Do you dislike the ‘spring forward’ as much as I do? Well, try going through it twice in 2 weeks. Oh yes. What fun! Sunday morning, the UK went to daylight savings.

I was enjoying my full Cornish breakfast on Saturday, chatting with host Howie. I asked him when the UK did the switch because I remembered there was a 6 hour time difference when Sarah and I were here last her. Howie had to think on it a moment – he hadn’t heard anything about it on the radio or tv, so he was certain it was still a week or two away.

I awoke at 5am and journeyed down the half-stairs to my private bath, and there on the door was a handwritten note from Howie. Guess what? Yep. Daylight savings – clocks moved ahead 1 hour Sunday morn. One less hour to play in St. Ives. Bummer.


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