the seagull alarm

I am not keeping up with my posting – you understand how these professional conferences keep you moving from early morning to late night? That’s my excuse.

This is my last day at UKSG. The seagulls were kind enough to wake me up shortly after 5am. And since breakfast won’t be served until 8:15, and my suitcase is packed, I decided to turn on the computer, check my email, and make a final post from Torquay.

I will be posting some session summaries over on the Libraries’ conference reports blog. I wasn’t able to live blog from the conference – while I did have wifi access and experimented with twitter for the first time, posting to our library blog wasn’t happening. The response time was frustratingly slow. So… those reports will come later.

Bottom line: the conference was excellent and validated the work, strategic planning and reorganization we are doing at K-State. I heard many intriguing reports on e-books, scholarly communication, the research process, web opac 2.0, and also learned about federated access management in the UK. I met many wonderful people: librarians, publishers and vendors. Many were “warned” about my upcoming sabbatical and will be hearing from me later this year so I can make arrangements to visit with them next spring.


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