st. ives

Stunning. Awe-inspiring. It is understandable why so many artists have been drawn to or make their homes in St. Ives, Cornwall.

I am a sucker for a good view. As soon as I saw a picture from White Waves Guest House, I was determined to stay there – and when they only had the “Crow’s Nest” available, that was all right! I arrived mid-afternoon on Friday and followed directions from their website. I love the directions — something like ‘ from the train station, go to the end of the car park and with your back to the bus station at the top of the road, turn right. Look for the red telephone box and go up the stairs to the left. At the top of the stairs, take the next set of steep stairs to the right. At the top of the hill, we are the 4th house on the left.’  I could’ve sworn I’d taken pictures of the telephone box and of the outside of White Waves, but my camera must have eaten them.

The view from the Crow’s Nest was magnificient. The hosts, especially Howie who I had more time to interact with, were superb. White Waves has a lovely parlor. It’s just a lovely place. Highly recommended!

After doing a little unpacking, I wandered the streets of St. Ives, poking my head into shops though mostly window-shopping since many shops closed at 5pm.  Went to Pepper’s for dinner (recommended by Howie) and had a great shrimp and crab pasta bake. Delicious! I turned in early after a long 36+ hours of travel and then hit the streets again around 10am on Saturday. I picked up a few souvenirs, a new leather wallet and purse, browsed through many unique shops (so different from most tourist towns), went to the Tate Art Gallery, sat at harborside and enjoyed the views, and had cream tea & scones at the Dolphin with a view of the harbor. I did a lot of walking! The weather turned really brisk by 4ish so I headed back to the B&B to rest up before venturing out in search of dinner. Unfortunately, I was so nice and cozy in my room — listening to the strong, cold winds blowing outside — and watching the premiere of series 3 of BBC’s Robin Hood, that I stayed in the rest of the evening!

Next – St. Ives to Torquay…


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