another Friday…

Has it really been 2 weeks since I returned from England? Wow… time flies! I’d written some friends earlier this week that I finally felt human about Wednesday this week.  Oh the joys of jetlag!

Work hasn’t been too onerous these last 2 weeks. (I shouldn’t say that, should I? I think my boss reads this blog every now & then. Perhaps she’ll miss this post!)

Our Continuations Analysis Group (CAG) completed the majority of its work. I did miss a couple of those meetings, which finalized reports for our Collections Council (CC). To catch up on those summaries I attended the Council meeting where all the usage data  our CAG compiled was presented and explained. Now the CC gets the hard job of identifying how we’ll make the looming cuts to the FY10 budget. We are still awaiting the final word on the total cuts we’ll need to make. Recent chat indicates that it will be worse than expected but maybe (we hope) not as bad the worst-case scenario we are planning for. Oh the pain…

I’ve only had one license to review but did have a little time to add retrospective data into Verde. Mary’s crew is working diligently to add acquisitions workflows for our databases so we can test renewal alerting. We are anxious to see if it works as expected.

I worked with NASIG’s N&E co-chairs to get the “publicity” set to launch a discussion on the NASIG forums about the elections process. The discussion is off to a rousing start, which includes many of us trying to figure out exactly how the forums work. It’s not the most intuitive system, which doesn’t help a system that is not a “push” technology.  There’s a related thread on the forums about how they might be improved.

The NASIG Regional Unconference planning committee continues to wrap up loose ends from that event. We finally have summaries posted for all but the wrap-up session over on the wiki. I’ve submitted an article for the May issue of the NASIG Newsletter though we are still awaiting results of the evaluations we asked attendees to complete.

Other things I’ve been working on:

  • updated the KLA TSRT website
  • had lunch with a geography professor who is moving to Nottingham, UK, about my upcoming sabbatical. She had some wonderful advice about doing research in the UK, housing, traveling, etc. As I’ve mentioned before — January can’t come soon enough
  • attended the Zimbra update so I understand what is happening to campus email migration activities
  • continued reorganization discussions with the Leadership Council
  • provided departmental updates (with much input from my dept. managers) to the associate dean for the Strategic Plan
  • posted a couple of summaries from UKSG on the conference reports blog – still have several more to write up and I bet my notes will make even less sense now!
  • met with my dept. managers about the impact on our workflows with the impending 2nd floor redesign
  • met with my mentee
  • commiserated with the NASIG registrar about the time she’s had to put in on conference registration
  • as always (well, for the next 6 weeks or so) responded to NASIG board emails

So… what are YOU doing?


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