Kindle for students

The Kept Up Academic Librarian points to an article in Business Week about the new Kindle that Amazon and e-textbook publishers hope will hook students and faculty alike.  As a parent who, in one semester, forked over $745 for textbooks for one student,  e-versions that are cheaper would be quite appealing! But — having to use a proprietary device — having a student carry around another piece of equipment (hmm.. cell phone, laptop & now a Kindle) — is really ridiculous.  E-textbook publishers need to place their materials on the web. I do understand that a purchased, downloaded version from the web might not have features that would be built into the Kindle but surely at the rate technology progresses that would be resolved in a day or two!

For those with subscriptions to the Chronicle of Higher Education, there are a number of articles about the new Kindle.


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