in the immortal words of…

Immortal? Probably not…

I’ve had a little time today to get to some blog reading that has been sitting in my feed reader forever. I stumbled across a recent post on Copyblogger that I’ve been thinking about a while:  It’s Time to Shoot Your Blog.

Okay. I’m not going to kill it, but I do imagine I won’t be posting any more frequently than you’ve seen over the last year. If I travel to exotic(?) places, you may see me attempt to entertain you. I’ll still use the blog for the annual Christmas recitation of ‘look what we’ve been up to’.  As significant life events occur – Jenny graduates from K-State (May 2009); Jeff turns 21 (today!); Joel goes to Africa (in August); Char changes jobs (??); Char goes on sabbatical (Jan-May 2010!); Char’s latest Star Wars story appears on – you may see them noted here. Don’t hold your breath.


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