15 more minutes of fame…

My short story “Passages”, originally published in the SWAJ in 1995(!!!), is now on Hyperspace. Yay!!! Pablo said he wanted to get all the Alex or Alex-related stories republished online before the new one goes up later this fall.  “Betrayal by Knight”, which I co-wrote with Patricia Jackson, should be next in the line-up. Then on to the new story, “Shades of Gray”.

I think my 15 minutes of fame has been extended to about 45 minutes. What an honor!  Campus media relations is writing up profiles of employees with ‘interesting’ hobbies. They tweeted about my Star Wars writing and a former K-Stater who works as a Ticket Exec for the Omaha Royals baseball team picked up the tweet. He called me last Thursday and invited me to attend Star Wars night on Friday in Omaha – a charity fundraiser for Make A Wish. So what the heck – I went! Along with Darth Vader and 3 others, I got to throw (or attempt to throw) a first pitch!  Members of the 501st were there, the team mascots had lightsaber duels, Chewie and R2 roared over the loudspeakers.

I invited  ClubJaders (my Star Wars friends) who live in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska to meet me at the game but it was too short notice for all but Sarah who actually lives in Omaha. The Royals provided our seats behind home plate. It was a fun evening with fabulous weather (low 70s) for this time of year.

My pictures here.  Hoping that their photographer got some better ones (or maybe not) – looks like they got a couple of me. And no… my pitch didn’t hit the catcher’s mitt, but it did hit the dirt out in front of him!! I haven’t thrown a baseball since… since…. hm… maybe 13-14 years ago when my youngest was on baseball team.

So… 45 minutes, eh? I’m thinking 15 for the first go-round of publishing in the SWAJ between 1994-1997; another 15 when those stories began to re-surface on starwars.com beginning in 2004 (I think!), and now 15 more with the profile from media relations that was tweeted and picked up in Omaha. Oh… and one more… the campus student newspaper interviewed me yesterday. agh!


2 thoughts on “15 more minutes of fame…

  1. It’s been a fun ride and I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many cool people along the way. With any luck, I’ll get to finish my version of Alex’s story before one of the novelists or editors decides she should go the way of Mara, Chewie, or Han & Leia’s sons!

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