Noisier than usual…

I’m hoping my colleagues in 509 are surviving the extra noise today. (509 houses binding, cataloging, serials, acquisitions, several gov docs/mic staff, special collections processing, labeling, preservation, and pr/comm/marketing staff, i.e., a lot of staff in a pod-filled room!)

509 has become a temporary staging area for materials from our main collection here in Hale to our remote Regents Annex in Lawrence, KS. Our local annex has been cleared out (over 260,000+ volumes) and transfer operations start from Hale on Wednesday. We need the space!

Thousands of books have been pulled from Hale during the last 2 weeks to meet the first shipment.  They’ve been sitting on Belger carts (the first few pics from the link) which are now being saran-wrapped, hence one cause of noise. The carts are wheeled from the processing area to the elevator (more noise) and taken down to the first floor near the loading dock to await the arrival of the truck on Wednesday.  Elevator bells have been ringing with regularity for the last couple of hours (more noise).

Life is good. We should be able to stand a little bit of noise – it signifies a new, exciting adventure for us as we move little used volumes to remote storage and make life easier for our sorting staff who’d like to shelve the new books and those sitting in temp locations!

The next shipment in 2 weeks shouldn’t be quite so noisy. Only a few trucks a day will go through this process rather than the 40+ ones we have sitting in 509.  Things will get back to ‘normal’ – though as everyone in libraryland will tell you, there really isn’t a ‘normal’ for us!


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