the great purge

ah…that feels good…

The campus has been migrating to a new email/calendaring software for the last few months and the Libraries’ turn is finally up!

There has been training galore for Zimbra (the new software) and now we are moving to ‘prep’ mode. When you’ve been using the same email client for, oh, 13 years, it’s quite amazing what you accumulate. They’ve asked us to do a bit of clean-up so the migration goes smoothly. I started to look at the folders I’ve created over the years – some had messages going back to 2000! Guess what? I didn’t need those. Delete. (I’m glad to report I didn’t have anything older than that!)

I found emails with attachments. It was highly recommended that the attachments be saved IF we really needed them. I identified maybe a dozen worth saving. Hundreds of others are history.

The sent mail on our current system doesn’t auto-delete. Normally I go through that about once a year and delete all but the current 2 years.  I decided to be brave, take a risk, and deleted everything except items sent since May 2009.  There’s only 1894 items there now! (I have other sent mail buried in specific folders — can you tell I’m a cataloger?)

My trash is set to auto-delete every 20 days. I get a lot of email…there were 1800 messages in the trash before I started the great purge. When I finally hit the delete key–after my clean-up effort–there were over 6400 items in the trash. Delete. All gone.


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