sabbatical week 1

January 4-

I am going to attempt to write a weekly “What I did on my sabbatical” post for the blog. It will most likely include life beyond my research project activities.  So to kick things off this week I:

  • worked on a grant application for my sabbatical
    • verified that my references are good to go (2 of 3 done) wk 2
  • created a list of both personal and professional things I need to accomplish before mid-March
    • get air & rail tickets for the UK – air booked wk 5
    • exchange USD for GBP
      • check into AAA’s travel money card
    • register for UKSG annual meeting (wk 5)
    • identify & book lodging in Edinburgh (wk 5)
      • figure out which Scottish Highlands tour to book!
    • email UK contacts and set up meetings – wk 1- ongoing
    • identify lodging for last 4 weeks dependent on meetings & sightseeing activities
    • provide reference for upcoming NASIG elections
    • provide feedback to CarolAnn B. on open access review
    • send update to Katy G. for NASIG conference calling solutions task force
    • get new driver’s license wk 2
    • fix the garage door
    • call an electrician
    • see Avatar
    • saw the doc (get to do it again next month)
    • exercise regularly (shoveled snow twice…not ‘regular’) ongoing!
    • take down the xmas tree (wk 5)

      • ornaments off & all decorations put away (wk 3)
    • send out snail mail xmas cards (okay, new years greetings)
      • one down (wk 3); 2 to go
    • get a new cell phone, one that will work in the UK (looked at 2 models this week) (wk 5)
    • file income taxes (wk 5)
    • complete FAFSA
    • visit Mom in Virginia (book tickets!)
    • update my will!  (exciting, eh?)
    • update retirement portfolio (wk 5)
  • enjoyed my visit with son Jeff & his girlfriend
  • updated my vita
  • responded to a couple of queries from folks at the library
  • write fiction
    • 3015 words in my fanfic adventures (plot bunnies just popped up out of the blue)
    • 400 words for my original fic – hm… need to concentrate on this a bit more!

I imagine this list will grow as I think of other things I need to do. And over time, there will be more notes specific to my sabbatical project. I had not intended to really kick into gear this week while I had visitors in town.


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