sabbatical week 2 – Tuesday

Driver’s license day… you do not want to know.. but suffice it to say I was told something different on my second visit (this morning) than what I learned last week, which prompted me to go to the safe deposit box to get official documents. Bless the clerk who I ended up with on my 3rd visit (this afternoon) and didn’t make my life hell.  (And thank goodness I didn’t mentioned I’m no longer married or else who knows what documentation they’d need.) Geesh!

Two responses to queries sent yesterday to set up meetings! Four tentative, 1 confirmed now – just gotta pin down specific dates for the 4. Yes!

Submitted grant application. Yay!


And you’ll notice I lied about weekly updates. At least for the moment…

When I went for narrative style yesterday then added today’s update, I decided the post would get pretty long if I keep this up. If you’re like me, you like short and sweet posts, right? Should I go back to bullet style – a definite possibility at any give time, my friends – I may do a weekly post. Let me keep you guessing!


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