sabbatical week 2 – Wednesday

Four more emails sent to colleagues in the UK; spreadsheet updated with tentative dates and contact information. You might say ‘well that took all of 15 minutes’ but I actually spent at least 2 hours because it isn’t always easy to find the appropriate contact person on a library’s website – sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find the library’s website. (I won’t name names.) I’m also putting links to campus maps, travel time, trying to determine if the location of the university fits better into my first 3 weeks, middle 3 weeks, or last actual ‘work week’ while there. My last full week will be completely vacation, and if the period before and after Easter is off limits for visits, I may have plenty of free time to check out the sights.

Also today:

  • had the monthly birthday lunch with K-State co-workers at Chili’s
  • the exercise plan has begun – hopefully I’ll be able to move tomorrow
  • scribbled out 3 pages of a new story – I think I’ll do a weekly word count post that will reflect my total count  on my original fiction and only the weekly posted word count on my fanfiction. Do not expect to see 3,000+ words of fanfic in a week ever again! That was a fluke.
  • tried to break up ice that’s formed by the downspout that is directly on the path leading to my front door; very bad placement of a downspout. Hopefully these 45 degree temps will melt those slippery spots for good
  • watched season 1, episode 1 of a BBC show called Being Human – gruesome sometimes but hilarious other times

One thought on “sabbatical week 2 – Wednesday

  1. Being Human is a very interesting show. I really liked season one.
    Sorry I didn’t even get a chance to say hello at lunch yesterday.

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