sabbatical week 2 – Thursday

Today was respond-to-emails day.  You may see that mentioned a lot in the coming weeks.

  • Waiting to receive initial contact with four individuals that I emailed on Wednesday. To be honest, I was incredibly surprised the first group responded so quickly. . the UK weather – especially in the central part of the country where I’m setting up meetings – has been very bad – snow & ice; trains/buses not running
  • Reviewing my potential vendor & publisher contact list – may wait to email them until after ALA MidWinter because I know of at least one who was sitting at Heathrow this morning waiting for her flight – facebook actually comes in handy now & then!
  • 2 more definite dates/times confirmed – perhaps by the end of next week I’ll tell you where I’m headed!

Writers group tonight. Spent part of the afternoon preparing chapter 6 of my o-fic. Since I have writers group every Thursday – at least until mid-March, I’ll post my word count totals late Thursday or on Fridays.

Week 2 numbers:

  • original – total 24,345
  • new fanfic posted – 1,548

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