week 3 begins

No post on Friday – I’m sure you missed me, right? I was basking in the afterglow of comments Thursday night from my writers group. I’d taken 5 pages of chapter 6 of my o-fic for them to critique. They are so inspirational and quite patient!

Friday was my free day other than checking email. With the 6 hour time difference it doesn’t make much sense to email contacts in the UK. They’d be ready to head home for the weekend when my mail arrived, so I’ll just catch them on Monday or Tuesday. However, I did:

  • check flights to see if they’ve come down – nope
  • continue to look at lodging options in Edinburgh
    • received a response from one that said ‘call me; we’ll talk’ – great – an international phone call – wonder if he uses Skype, hm… –  sent him another email on Saturday and he was kind enough to give me a quote. I still need to pass that along to BAM who will be rooming with me
  • look at B&B options in Stratford for my last week and found several decently priced ones; of course, one I’d bookmarked months ago has no vacancies already, which leads me to believe that I may want to put a deposit down early
  • email a tour operator about costs for a Cotswolds tour; trying to decide the best way to approach that – private hire (£20/pp) or train to Moreton-in-Marsh and bus around from there for a day

January 18 wasn’t a holiday in the UK so I posted a couple of emails, including one more confirmed date/time. Today & Wednesday I’ll be following up with one individual I contacted before the holidays and will get back to my list to identify a few more contacts.


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