sabbatical – week 5

Wow… say it ain’t so. It’s February, which means I’m one month into my sabbatical. I missed posting last week though I believe my update would have looked similar to week 3: email, watching flights, updating my calendar, writing.

As week 5 starts, I’ve crossed a few items off my to-do list:

  • replaced my old cell phone with an iPhone – now I have to learn how to use the thing!
  • booked my flights for the trip
  • booked an apartment in Edinburgh
  • gave my conference info to Susan to register me
  • agreed on accommodations in York (Angela will book)
  • xmas tree packed away

I have meetings at the following libraries scheduled:

Still awaiting emails from 5 or 6 places; and need to pursue other contacts this week!

Writing (as of 1/28)

  • original fic total – 25,081
  • new fanfic posted since 1/21 – 3,376
    • let me explain because these number are going to drop dramatically soon – there’s been a challenge during the month of January in the one fandom I write for (not Star Wars), and somehow, somewhere, all these little plot bunnies reared their ugly heads (or soft, fuzzy heads); next week’s numbers will be even more impressive and then you may see lots of zeros…. except for fics I co-author with others

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