near the end of week 6

…and 5 weeks until my adventure…

Since my February 1 post, I’ve firmed up visits with two more libraries (Stirling & Hertfordshire) and have a third & fourth  (Nottingham Trent & Cambridge) in process. And guess what – yep, I sent out more email!

UKSG membership sent. Taxes done! Retirement portfolio updated! Pulled out the will – need to update the executor info. Added some photos and music to my iPhone! Set up email notifications on it, too. Hmm…not sure if I find that annoying or a good thing – there is such a thing as being too connected!

Pissed. I have to go to the post office and tell them ‘no, you did not deliver the package to my house, so where is it?’ And I’m sure they’ll say, ‘well, we show it was delivered and we don’t have it – what do you want us to do?’  Grrr. I do not look forward to playing tag between the online retailer and my post office.

On writing:
My January fanfic challenge ended on 1/31, so the last few days of the month I began and/or finished up several pieces. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever written so much of anything in one month. I posted 6,573 words last week (Thur-Sunday) out of almost 15,000 for the month. Now if only I could write 6,000 a month on my original fic, I might get through my first draft by the end of the year!

I did manage to complete chapter 6 of my original fiction after struggling with the ending.  I am almost 1,000 words into ch. 7 and have a running, ever-changing total of 26,223 words as of today.


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