19 days…

Can’t be. Really? 19 more days…so much yet to do!  Actually I think things are going well.

On sabbatical
I am jumping up and down with joy! The NASIG Awards Committee has granted me the Marcia Tuttle International Award!! This will help so much toward my expenses. Thank you, NASIG!

Rail pass – check. Lodging – still in process.  I’ve identified but not yet booked a few lodging options for the week after the conference while I’m still in Scotland and for my trek south. I’ve set 1 more meeting in stone and working with 4 others trying to identify best dates/times. I need to look at my spreadsheet but I believe I only have 1 individual whom I’ve not heard from after 2 attempts to contact. It’s hard to know whether it’s technology issues, busy work lives, or ‘why is this person bothering me’!

I practiced packing a suitcase – I am determined to take nothing larger than a carry-on bag. 🙂  My daughter let me test her ‘back door bag’ and I discovered it made my shoulder ache. So I’m back to using a standard rolling carry-on and a backpack. I will keep you posted on how one can spend almost 9 weeks traveling and only have a carry-on size bag. I highly recommend Rick Steves’ site for travel packing advice! I’ve been packing this way for years even before I heard of Rick!

Downtime while traveling
I  am firming up plans for my stay in Stratford-upon-Avon. I imagine we’ll book lodging and tickets for the play next week. Oldest son has decided to join his sister and me in Edinburgh! I’ll catch up with them in London 5 days after we go our separate ways from Edinburgh. Joel will stay several days longer – we may go to Paris for a couple of days!

My original fic sits at 27,624 words so I’ve made a little progress in the last 2 weeks. My fandom community played a MarySue fic game this week and I contributed 250 words. I told you those fanfic numbers would diminish greatly! However, I learned a really cool coding scheme for another challenge we did. When you have 2 PhDs on your team and 2 programmers who took cryptography classes – oh and one PhD is an ancient language guru –  you learn amazing things. The code scheme is going to be invaluable when I write that historical fiction time travel piece…


2 thoughts on “19 days…

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Finally NASIG is awarding the right person/proposal with the Marcia Tuttle grant. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you!

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