11 days, 8 1/2 hours…

The subject is just for dramatic effect. Normally I don’t count the hours… But I’ve passed the 2 week mark so wow, yeah, here we go…

I think my calendar is as about as full as it’s going to get.  I’m waiting for a response from one library in order to juggle my visit with them and with Keith C., former chair of the UKSG. I would really hate to miss this one particular library and understand how busy work can be, so I hope my contact is working with her colleagues to identify the best date/time.  I’ve also confirmed my last scheduled meeting of the trip on May 5 with Alison, the UKSG business manager.

I do need to send out a few more emails to see if I might touch base with a few individuals at the conference in Edinburgh.  The Easter holiday and bank holidays messed with my schedule a bit, but may save my sanity as well.  I think I’ll be grateful to have a few days off in those first 3+ weeks where I don’t have to catch an early-morning train to get to a meeting. I’ll need the time off to blog, right?

I plan to email my ‘landlord’ in Nottingham in the next few days to make sure he remembers I’ll be arriving on his doorstep the afternoon of March 17. A friend from Glasgow is going to spend a few days with me in Notts – and we will journey into London on March 24-25 to meet some of our ‘virtual’ friends. Hopefully on the 26th we’ll play in Notts itself – we’re both Robin Hood fans so Nottingham Castle and  Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem will be on our list of things to see. We will get back together for a few days in mid-May in Stratford-upon-Avon. Earlier this week, we booked our tickets to see the RSC production of Romeo & Juliet! (Did I fail to mention that Sam Troughton – Much in BBC’s Robin Hood – is playing Romeo?)

I have a few more tasks to take care of over the next week. I think it’s all do-able!

Writing – original fiction now stands at 27,946.


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