I packed my suitcase last night. I managed to zip it up and can actually lift the thing, but I’m going to start over again today and see what I might trim. Well, trim and add. I need to pack a sweatshirt or light jacket which will not only serve as casual wear (versus the knee length lined rain coat that I’ll wear on the plane and to meetings) but will also do double duty as ‘robe’.  Did I mention I am only packing a 20-inch carry on bag and my backpack?

My friends know that I like to fly in comfy jeans and wear tennis shoes (as they are the larger of the shoes I normally take on trips), but I don’t want to take a chance that my carry on has to get checked and gets lost on the way. So, I’m wearing ‘meeting clothes’ for this 30+ hour excursion. (Oh, you say, won’t those be nice and fresh for that first meeting on Friday!! Let’s just not go there, okay?) Eight of those hours are lay-over hours in Dallas. At the end of the flight leg (7:40am Wed.), I take rail—>tube—>rail to central London then on Nottingham. I’m going to guesstimate that I’ll arrive there by 1pm. And then the fun begins…

…so let’s go!!

P.S.  O-fic update: 28,065


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