a crazy, busy week

Highlights of the last week:


  • 3/22 visited the University of Nottingham
    • tech services located in industrial park about a mile from campus; bigger than K-State but acq + cat staff number less than 12 FTE
  • 3/23 railed to Manchester Metropolitan on Tuesday
    • downtown campus; tech services about a mile from the main library
  • 3/24 railed to University of Hertfordshire on Wednesday
    • tech services is located at a branch campus library; budget is similar to K-State – 99% of books come shelf ready – they have 1 cataloger (Lori, pay no mind to this!)

Biggest difference I’ve noticed on all site visits so far is that the libraries significantly downplay cataloging activities. (Repeat: Lori, pay no mind to this!)


  • met virtual friend Al – we’ve ‘known’ each other almost a year through our connection with Robin Hood (RH) fandom
  • Al & I met up with 4 more virtual RH friends in London Wednesday evening.  (Herts is about 30 minutes north of London). They’d been to see a play so after dinner we all got soggy standing in the rain outside the theatre waiting for actors to emerge. There were autographs and pictures to be had!
  • toured Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London with Al; headed back to Notts on the 19:30 train
  • did all things Robin Hood with Al on Friday –
    • Nottingham Castle –  included an exhibition of props & costumes from Russell Crowe’s upcoming Robin Hood movie, exhibits on life in 17th century Notts, and history of the castle dating back to the 12th century
    • lunch & a pint of ale at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – wow – carved into the side of Castle Rock – lots of little rooms
    • Rufford Abbey – established in the 12th century in what would have been part of Sherwood Forest
    • Sherwood Forest – well, what’s left of it – we had to drive 20 miles north of Nottingham to get to the remains of Sherwood – it used to extend all the way to the city!
  • railed to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the RSC production of Romeo & Juliet – and yes, there’s an RH connection: Romeo is played by Sam Troughton, who played Much in the recent Robin Hood BBC series


  • experienced my 2nd “spring forward” in the month of March when the UK switched to daylight savings time Sunday at 2am. (Don’t I deserve a special award for this?)
  • found a neat grocery store in the city centre & picked up some items to get me by for a few days
  • they have T.K. Maxx here rather than T.J. Maxx…
  • disappointed that I’ve had no WIFI access on the trains so far
  • have had little creative energy for writing since my arrival in the UK though there are a few plot bunnies entered in my notebook

3 thoughts on “a crazy, busy week

  1. Hi Char! Your pictures are wonderful. I especially like those of Sherwood Forest. I hope you’re having a marvelous time. I do hope the sun shines while you there. It looks cold & damp.

    • There is some sun now & then and temps in the low 50s except for today when a cold winter blast hit! I will have a good time, rain or shine! Hope to post some new pics in the next day or two though none as pretty as Sherwood.

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