week 3 begins

Two weeks ago, at just about this time, I arrived at my flat in Nottingham. It feels like I’ve been going at 120mph since I arrived and I wouldn’t trade one second of the experience. I’ve experienced the best of British public transportation, good pub food and ale,  nice, sunny days, rainy days, and very chilly days. Nottingham missed the snow 2 days ago but temperatures didn’t rise much above freezing and there is quite the breeze here! It’s good I packed gloves and scarf!

I’ve visited six libraries and met dozens of individuals who’ve been so generous with their time. My trips this week included a trek over to the University of Birmingham, about 1.5 hours by train; and Nottingham Trent University – 8 minutes by bus with another 10 minutes walk time.  (Pictures forthcoming!)

With the Easter weekend and bank holiday on Monday, I’m done with “work” until Tuesday unless the impending rail strike makes transportation too much of a headache. I am supposed to meet with Keith C., the former chair of UKSG that day in London but he has rail travel from the south coast.

So today I’m doing ‘regular’ stuff – catching up on email, reading, writing, and laundry.

Speaking of writing, a few days ago I found out  I won 1st place for a short piece that I wrote as part of an inter-community challenge – 6 communities participating, the 1st place is each category within a community then competed against the 1st place pieces from the other communities. Eighty fics were entered in this category across the 6 comms. I also took a 2nd and a 3rd place in 2 other categories and  placed 1st in epics but I won’t copy those 6000+ words here! But, since the ‘flash fic’ category includes fiction in the 101-500 word range, I’ll share my winning short with you:

Life at War

The drums. Oh God, not the drums.
Trumpets sound. Voices shout Allah akbar.
And the drums…
Beat louder than pounding hearts
Like blood rushing through veins.

The blood. Oh God, not the blood.
Days are like nightmares
Of blood, of swords, of dying men
Against the canvas of white
In the blazing heat under a grueling sun.

The sun. Oh God, not the sun.
It bakes the land dry
Scorches everything it touches
Skin reddened, mouths parched, lips cracked yet
Soldiers march across hot sands ’til the cold of night.

The cold. Oh God, not the cold.
Shivering in bed, fully clothed
Swords at our sides
Lest the enemy surprises us whilst we pray for sleep
And it all begins again.

The drums. Oh God, not the drums.

Much jerked awake from the nightmare, his brow covered with sweat as the sounds of Saracen drums floated across the sands. He rolled over and peered through the darkness. Robin slept fitfully and Much knew…he knew though they never spoke of it…Robin heard the drums, too.



P.S…. this is considered fanfiction, not original fiction, as it’s based on characters and situations from a television show. But if you follow my medieval novels, you may see how the drums found their way into the life of Henry de Grey.


2 thoughts on “week 3 begins

  1. I really like your winning fanfic short. Liked it before I got to Robin & Much, which added another dimension to it.

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