the play’s the thing…

London – not one play, but two…

Matinee performance of “The Little Dog Laughed”, and the evening performance of “The Empire”.   The former takes a comedic (and often sad) look at the ugly side of being a rising star in Hollywood; the latter is a look at a day in the life of one British soldier during the war in Afghanistan.   It was wonderful to see Harry Lloyd (in LDL) and Joe Armstrong (in E)  in very different roles. Both plays were excellent; the actors superb. Harry’s comedic timing is fantastic in LDL – all the actors did a great job in this contemporary, hard-biting comedy that touched on some really serious issues. Remember the pics I took a week or so back when friends had gone to see a play –  that’s the one/the actors I saw on Saturday.

“The Empire” played at the Jerrod Theatre ‘upstairs’, which is part of the Royal Court Theatre – it’s up on the 4th floor of the main theatre and quite small, seating 85. I was in the 3rd row, center. There’s no real stage – just the front of the room which was designed to look like a bullet-ridden house in Afghanistan with a rock, dirt, and sand floor and real dust/dirt floating around the room! Sounds of war regularly filtered into the house – orders being shouted, guns, helicopters. It’s an intense drama – torture, prejudice, death – and Joe makes you feel every emotion. Bonus: I got his autograph and a picture after the show!

Sunday morning I had a wonderful English breakfast at the B&B then checked out. I walked to Buckingham Palace – it was about a 20 minute walk from the B&B –  took pictures (and a gentleman from Shanghai took mine!), watched the crowds grow, then decided I didn’t want to wait another hour to see the changing of the guard. I’ll be back in London at least 2 or 3 more times before I leave. Maybe I’ll catch the changing on another occasion!


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