around Nottingham

I’d seen Victoria bus station numerous times whilst being whisked past it but I managed to go around in circles when I had to walk there. I had planned to catch the 1102 to Wollaton hoping to pick up the 1130 tour of Wollaton Hall but arrived about a minute too late.

Wollaton Hall is a fine example of an Elizabethan manor. The house is amazing from the bottom of the hill; the views of the expansive deer park, gardens, and countryside are impressive. (I’ll post more pictures in the next few days on my FLICKR account so stay tuned!)

Wollaton Hall

Monday was a bank holiday so there were lots of families & pets visiting, playing on the grounds, enjoying the halfway decent weather – it wasn’t raining, there was a good breeze but not too chilly, especially after I hiked up that hill! (The picture doesn’t do it justice!) I enjoyed walking around the outside of the house. It was absolutely beautiful.

The house itself had a fabulous great room which was being used on this day for children’s activities. Only a couple of rooms were furnished with period furniture – had I made the tour I might have seen a couple more. I was disappointed that those rooms and the Tudor kitchen were only available on the tour. Other rooms served as a natural history museum, including one that highlighted the wildlife of the area. Apparently one previous resident was a nature enthusiast.


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