Kansas & Texas come to London

The KS (Merry, Beth) & TX (Angela) delegations arrived in London at 7:50am.  They planned to check into their B&B then start their exploration of London before our 1pm lunch get-together. This is Merry’s and Beth’s first visit to the UK. Angela has been here 2 or 3 times, but it’s been years for her.

I scooted out of the flat in Nottingham toward the train at 9:30, picked up a porridge – not oatmeal as I was corrected on an earlier visit – and continued my walk to the station. The 1028 arrives in London at 1215, which should have allowed me plenty of time to navigate the tube to Charing Cross – the same journey I’d done twice since arriving in the UK. I should have it memorized by now.

Best laid plans – the train lost one of its power cars so we moved a bit slower and arrived in London about 15 minutes behind schedule. I did the tube thing and found the girls about 1;15 already seated and working on an appetizer at La Tasca. They didn’t look too bedraggled though by the end of our delicious and very relaxed lunch they were ready to get out and walk else they might fall asleep. We headed back through Trafalgar Square to take a few pictures, then with Big Ben in sight, we walked toward Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Along the way we were treated to another display of the horse guards, then stopped at Downing Street to look past the well-guarded entrance toward Mr. Brown’s residence at no. 10. He’d been at Buckingham Palace earlier in the day to have an audience with the queen to request dissolution of Parliament so an election can be called.

friends in London

wind-blown friends in london

We walked onto the bridge to get shots of the clock tower and Parliament – darn, that pic looks fuzzy but if you click it’s much better. Then we  wandered over to gaze at the magnificent architecture of Westminster. We missed the last entry into the Abbey so the girls decided they would head toward St. James Park on their way back to their b&b. They were planning to crash early. I headed toward the tube and back to St. Pancras to catch the 1730 train back to Nottingham. It was nice to be back in Notts by 7:30.

In other news:

I managed to upload pictures I’d taken since March 29-Apr 3, including those from my site visits to Birmingham and Nottingham Trent (old & new next to each other in the city). I added a few more from around Nottingham as well as from my weekend trip into London,  mentioned in my previous posts, which includes shots of rooftop chimneys, Buckingham Palace and actor Joe Armstrong. I still have more to add from this week’s adventure, but I think I crashed the internet when I loaded the last batch! Hopefully I’ll get them added this weekend!

One more day here. I dread the thought of packing…


2 thoughts on “Kansas & Texas come to London

  1. Dear Char,
    I finally had a chance to read more of your blog, and what fun! I can really see the country through your eyes and am so pleased you’re getting to play with your kids!
    Congratulations on the sweep of prizes with your writing! See…not just Mark, Marie, and I think you do a great job!
    Marie is making good progress and Mark is zooming in on the end! Me…not much…but at least I’m thinking about it more. In 3 weeks, I’ll be mostly done with my obligations so I hope to get back to work!
    Enjoy yourself!

    • Marie & Mark will have final drafts for me to read when I get back! YAY!! Now I only wish I could make major progress on my original fiction – that is moving at worse than a snail’s pace! Thanks for checking in on the blog. More to come!

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