last post from Nottingham


  • I got a late start on today’s chores because I had a lovely coffee and chat with the b&b owner. Real estate, politics, his business, my work.  We settled up my bill – seems strange that I’ve already been in the UK 3+ weeks and leave Nottingham on Friday! I’ll have another week of “stability” then comes 2-3 weeks of 1 day here, two days there. I don’t think that will be nearly as pleasant, but we’ll see how it goes. It really doesn’t seem to make much sense to do that part of the trip any other way so I’ll just have to live with it.
  • Today is laundry day. Done.
  • I think I’ll work on some NASIG conference calling TF stuff this afternoon. Guess what – that didn’t get done.
  • Tried to sort out issues with NASIG FLICKR Group.
  • Need to book my lodging for Stirling, Newcastle/Sunderland, and Huddersfield then think about London for the evening of Apr. 29.  Well – I thought about these things but didn’t accomplish anything.
  • I actually got a bit of fiction writing in today – just a bit.
  • IM’d with my daughter around 11:30pm. She’d just arrived at her hostel and had a view of the Acropolis from her room. Now that’s some view!
  • What did I do?


  • booked lodging in Stirling; confirmed meeting time with Colin S. at the university there
  • sent email enquiries re lodging in Sunderland and Huddersfield
  • resolved issues with NASIG FLICKR Group; never did get to the conference calling TF documentation I need to pull together
  • got email about staff name tags from work and noticed my name isn’t on the staff list… hm…. are they trying to tell me something? Does anyone know of any job openings for librarians in the UK? 😉 Celina says that if they put my name on the list and make me a name tag then I will have to go back to KS!
  • exchanged email with Laurel L. who was in Coventry – David has a concert there tonight; will see them in York on Saturday!
  • verified train times for my journey to York via Conisbrough, where I’ll get off the train to check out this 12th century castle!
  • went shopping!! Bought a lovely scarf (with purple in it) at Marks & Spencer, which must have a dozen stores scattered around the city centre; bought a Nottingham sweatshirt at the tourist info centre
  • went to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem for a final meal and got served an ale by Robin Hood! Apparently there was a special event in Notts today: the Lord Mayor, representatives from a Derbyshire regiment, including their mascot Private Derby, Robin Hood, and a half dozen other officials were visiting various sites in town – I need to watch the news tonight to see if I can figure out what exactly was happening. (update 10:50pm: here’s the news!) It was quite fun! And I got a free ale!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

  • packed my suitcase – unfortunately, I seem to have an extra bag to carry now. Hm… what can I throw away?

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