K-Staters in York

York is a very cool town. It’s a walled city with very visible remains of its Roman, Viking and Medieval histories. The wall encircles the center of the old historic district – part of the outer defenses – and extends for 3 miles around I believe. It dates back to Roman times, pre 400AD! You can walk on the wall and get great views of different parts of the city.walking the wall

York Minster dominates the landscape – you can see its spires from various places. It is an incredible cathedral – the architecture, inside and outside is amazing.

I arrived at my B&B in York shortly after 3pm. The rest of the K-State/TX delegation met up with me a bit after 5pm. Our B&B was about 2 blocks through MonkGate, which was located just a few blocks from the fabulous  Yorkminster. A great location. We wandered toward the Minster that evening, then off through the Shambles, a collection of narrow streets lined with shopping and eateries. We found Cafe Concierto, recommended by our B&B hostess, and had a delicious dinner before we headed back to our lodging for the night.

Saturday – a glorious, blue-sky, warm day – 60 degrees! We went to York Minister, arriving just in time to catch a 45 minute guided tour of the cathedral. What an incredible place. The tour also allowed us to go to the undercrypt – I’d gotten a bit ahead of the others and missed seeing David and Laurel L. there! After the tour, we went to the visitor information center to get details of the walking tour of York. That started at 2:15 so we had time to wander along one portion of the ancient Roman wall, see the Richard III ‘museum’ that was in one of the gate houses, then wander the Shambles again, pick up a snack, then meet the tour group. We’d already learned that the walking tour did much the same, so we stayed with that only for about 20 minutes to get a overview of York history, go to the York Museum Gardens and learn about the ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey and the Hospitium (?), then we headed for Clifford’s Tower. With only a couple of hours ’til closing time and with aching feet and backs, we decided to skip the York Castle Museum, but we did climb the extremely steep stairs up to the Tower.

Saturday evening we found our way to St. Lawrence’s Church where David Littrell was performing – part of his UK cello concert tour. The Church is being renovated – Laurel will have to remind me of its age – but the acoustics were magnificent and David played wonderfully. Obviously, the funny thing was that there were 5 K-Staters and 1 former K-Stater there – Father Tim introduced us as David’s groupies! The locals got a kick out of that and we were able to speak with several of them at the reception that followed the concert.

I haven’t had a chance to upload all my pictures yet – hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend! You’ll note my blog posts are lagging a few days, too, but preview: we arrived in Edinburgh and the conference is off to a great start after day 1.


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