around Edinburgh…

view from the Elephant House

view from the Elephant House where JK Rowling penned Harry


the gift that won't be returning to the States

beef, mushroom, and ale pie

beef, mushroom, and ale pie from Hawes Inn, South Queensferry

And finally, on this last day in Edinburgh with the gang, there were these highlights during an early evening stroll along the Royal Mile:

*  10 guys dressed in full Elvis regalia getting into 2 cabs

*  a guy in female sailor outfit (short skirt) sitting on another guy’s lap outside a pub on the street

*  a guy without a shirt with pink short shorts and suspenders

Merry, Angela and Beth are taking the train to London tomorrow, in hopes that volcanic ash dissipates and flights start leaving the UK. Maybe they’ll get out of here on flights re-booked for Monday and Tuesday.

I head via train to Glasgow tomorrow. I’ll be staying outside the city with friend Al who lives nearby. I have a meeting at the university on Monday and will do some sightseeing on Tuesday.


* per a tour guide, JKR worked at Elephant House, but actually penned parts of Harry at the Nicholson Cafe – her brother-in-law’s restaurant. But Elephant House clearly shows an artist’s rendition of Ms. Rowling sitting in the establishment with pen in hand. That pic hangs in their front window!


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