back to London

I left Huddersfield and arrived in London right before noon. The kids and I were supposed to meet around 1:30 at the British Library but they miscalculated their sightseeing time and were still at the Tower of London when I arrived and wanted to also see Westminster Abbey.  We decided to touch base when they finished that up.

I dropped my bags at the hotel, grabbed some fruit and a half sandwich on yummy artisan bread from Pret a Manger – why don’t we have this place in the States, eh? Then I caught the tube to the London Bridge station, walked along the south bank of the Thames, and headed for the Globe Theatre. I would’ve done the tour, but apparently in the afternoon they only take you into the Rose Theatre, not the Globe – they have matinee performances going on. : (  So I just checked out the gift shop, took some pictures, then decided I was ready to put my feet up. Back on the tube to the hotel.

The kids texted while I was underground – they were headed for the British Museum (rather than the Library). I opted to keep my feet up. I’ll get to the Museum next Tuesday after my meeting!  I’ll meet up with kids for dinner and say good-bye to Jenny & Robert…

Tomorrow: Paris! (Am I dreaming or what?!)


2 thoughts on “back to London

  1. I hope you are having an amazing time in Paris! We are having an incredible spring, but tonight the storms -a-comin’ so batten the hatches!

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