back to London…again

inside the Globe

Shakespeare's Globe

It was great to actually get into Shakespeare’s Globe for a tour.  It was led by an enchanting older woman with stories of theatre in Will’s, er Mr. Shakespeare’s day. The stage was being de-constructed as she spoke – there were drills, lots of banging, dollies scraping the floor as they moved heavy pieces of what looked like lighting equipment – but everyone had a good sense of humour – and, it was actually quite fascinating to watch.

inside the Globe

another interior shot

Joel at the Tate

Joel with Andy Warhol's works

We explored the Tate Modern after that – spent several hours wandering the free parts of the place. There were some fascinating pieces and some that left me going ‘huh?’.

Ah well – to each his own.

We spent a lot of time in Trafalgar Square – Joel took lots of people pictures. We went to lunch right up the street at La Tasca, where I’d met several of my virtual friends way back in March. Joel enjoyed the food there, and I guess I liked it well enough since it was at least my 3rd visit to the tapas restaurant.

at Trafalgar

at Trafalgar Square


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