it rained in the bus…

Touring the Cornish countryside is not much fun when it rains.  And it does rain a good bit there but you just go with the flow – you have your brolley, though with the wind that doesn’t always help; you have a waterproof jacket; and you take the sun or cloudy skies and run with them! (And like the weather in Kansas – wait a few minutes and it will change!)

The first hour of my journey around the southwestern corners of the county was great. Double-decker, open air (on top) bus – but a bit too chilly even before the rain began.

So my subject – it rained in the bus – is understandable. Rain came in through the stairwell to the upper deck. But, what’s worse is it also came through quite a few windows and through the roof itself. The picture I have of the couple sitting in front of me with their umbrella open just doesn’t do the scene justice though it was quite funny at the time!

Rain aside, the problem with this particular bus service, which is advertised as hop on-hop off, is that the bus only stops once every 3 hours at the various pick up points. Getting off the bus at Land’s End to spend 3 hours would be fine (for coast walking) on a decent, sunny day, but it was pouring by the time we stopped there. Could not see a thing. I opted to stay on the wet bus, wiped the windows down every so often, and attempted to peer outside as the journey continued.

When you could see outside, the countryside with the sea as a back-drop was lovely. Small towns and villages, abandoned tin mines, coastal scenery. Lovely.

Corwall village

abandoned tin mines - Cornwall

Cornwall - village

rain along the Cornish coast


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