takes your breath away…

Sat. May 8

The Minack Theatre
Talk about a journey.  Porthcurno is just over 17 miles from St. Ives but when you have no car and rely on  train and/or bus it takes close to 1.5 hours to get there.  There are a lot of very narrow roads that wind through the Cornish countryside. The bus crept along behind a piece of farm equipment at one point – if I’d put my hand out the window I could touch the stone-covered hedges on either the right or the left! Passing and pulling over were not an option on that particular stretch. Oncoming traffic? HA! back up until you can find a slight indentation to move into.

There were dramatic hills to climb, coastal views, farms, and even a stone circle that, unfortunately, the bus zips past. The bus drops you at the bottom of the hill near the Telegraph Museum where coders/signallers worked during WWII in underground bunkers. But the Minack is  about 1/8 mile (??)  from the stop and it’s a steep uphill climb. There is one bench part way up the hill at a gorgeous scenic overview. Someone else had grabbed the seat, so I took a couple of deep breaths, took out the camera for a picture, then trudged onward knowing the views from the top would be superb.

minack theatre

Minack Theatre

Wow. Just wow. Incedibly. Beautiful. They do live performances here during the summer months. I can imagine how spectacular one would be with the backdrop of the Cornish coast. Breathtaking.


another view


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