and thus the journey ends…

I left Stratford-upon-Avon on a 0936 train on Thursday and  headed back to London. Smooth sailing to London Marylebone then on to Paddington station to catch the Heathrow Express. It seemed easier to go to Heathrow then catch the Hotel Hoppa bus rather than identify other bus and/or taxi routes to the hotel I’d booked for the night. It made for a much more relaxed trip than last year’s adventure from SUA to Heathrow when I had to catch my 12ish flight! I don’t think I’ll try that again anytime soon!

Flight left on time on Friday and the 10+ hours went by quickly;  connecting flight in Dallas also left on time. So – left London about 1215pmGMT; arrived home at 9pmCST (3amGMT). Long day.

And now the fun begins…

This week I need to:

  • get some food for the refridgerator!
  • go through a ton of snail mail
  • check the bank accounts/payments; update the checking account (see if there’s anything left!)
  • write up documentation to complete some work for a NASIG task force
  • complete a first draft of the report for the Provost, my dean, and the NASIG Board
  • get a parking sticker so I can park on campus when I return to work
  • do laundry
  • be extra nice to the cat

NASIG, June 3-6. Palm Springs, CA. That will be quite a change from the UK, eh?


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