routine? not yet…

My sabbatical officially ended on May 31 but I’m on vacation – I know…again?!

But it’s only 2 days, sort of…

I leave for Palm Springs and the annual NASIG conference tomorrow.  California, here I come!

I’ve been back from the UK for 12 days and I won’t say that my sleep schedule has returned to normal. I have managed to sleep until 5:15am the last 2 days. This doesn’t bode well for changing to PST for the next 5 days. I dread this…

In these 12 days I’ve managed to get the house, bills, accounts, etc., back in some semblance of order. Visited the dentist. Got my parking tag for campus. Got treated to a belated birthday lunch by my daughter at the brand new Olive Garden. Had the air conditioning serviced, which is a good thing since there apparently has been some condensation in piping running through the foundation and there’s some rippling in my flooring. Not a good thing. Hopefully the servicing has done the trick and that rippling won’t get any worse.

I have a draft of my NASIG task force report under review by the ECC committee.

I started my sabbatical report but have plenty of work yet to do on it over the next 3 weeks.

I ‘applied’ for a new job at the library as part of our major reorganization process. Have been ‘offered’ my number one choice; contracts are pending. I’ll provide details of the new job in a couple of weeks. : )

Okay. Time to pack.


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