but it’s a dry heat…

Right. After consulting with various NASIG colleagues, we decided that it had to be the resort’s water features (large ponds and 3 pools) and extensive watering of the grounds and golf course – and the ‘misting’ of people at outside events – that caused the usual dry heat of the desert to be muggy. Temperatures hit 107 degrees in Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs) but it felt like 113 or 120 or whatever. It was hot and humid. I worked up a sweat every day at 8AM walking from our lovely hotel room to breakfast at the conference center – outside on a shaded, yet warm, terrace – I even gave up coffee, but that was only a temporary thing. (‘Course, I won’t mention that I had 2 cups in my room before we left for breakfast.)

But the conference – oh NASIG, you did it again!  We had 2 excellent Vision speakers and a panel to round out the conference. I went to every possible session that dealt with usage stats since my new job at K-State Libraries will focus in that arena. (More on that in another post.) Fellow NASIGer, blogger and friend Anna has some excellent summaries of sessions she attended, as well as a few disturbing observations on a potential trend amongst publishers regarding invoicing.  Since I’ve been a bit out of the loop (except for attendance at UKSG), it was nice to get the latest on projects like KBART, progress (or lack thereof) related to responsibilities for digital preservation, pay-per-use pilots, and ERMs and tech services staffing impact.

las palmas resort

conference center at las palmas

I did get called on the carpet during the 25th anniversary celebration. The organizers had a ‘pub quiz’, which was great fun. One of the questions singled me out for not getting in costume during my presidency – of course, plenty of us did not ‘dress’ but since I was there and one of the most recent, they presented me with a sombrero to wear! Do these folks not know my connections with a certain dark Jedi? ; )


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