texting, IM or e-mail…that is the question

Apparently, college students prefer texting over IM and e-mail according to a post in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education. Ninety-seven of students in the annual poll use texting as their main method of communication. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see how their tools vary (assuming they do) when communicating with friends vs. family members?

As a mom of college-age (and older) young ‘uns I’ve used all 3 of these tools and can tell you my texting is agonizingly slow. Short Q&A  – that’s me. I am a heavy IM user and occasionally catch one of my 3 online and chat a bit. Email? Used more for official information about family, travel, and education.

K-State Libraries provides all 3 communication options in its Ask a Librarian service. I know our IM traffic continues to increase but don’t know how it compares to e-mail and texting.

Does your library provide help via texting?


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