still on the fence about tweeting

I may have posted about Twitter previously. I set up a username about two years ago. I attempted to tweet at both UKSG and NASIG in 2008 and ’09 but  found I was far too distracted trying to keep up with the presentation and other tweeters’ comments. So I chose not to tweet this year. Yes, me, the gung-ho technology & social-networking addict, chose NOT to tweet!

I do have a feed and follow – intermittently – a few people on twitter.  I like the ‘professional’ conversations when I have time to keep up with them. I really enjoyed a number of tweets from a UK colleague attending LIBER2010 in Denmark recently.  It sounded like there were some excellent presentations on digitisation, scholarly communication and resource discovery.

What inspired this post, however, was an article in the Chronicle about college admissions offices using twitter to reach out to prospective students. Guess what – teens aren’t twittering. One study suggested that only 15% of teens tweet. I wonder what percentage of librarians tweet?  If NASIG is an example, I believe there were 5 people out of 300+. Maybe that’s a bad example…


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