back from Dagobah…

You really didn’t want to hear Star Wars squee, did you? Celebration V in Orlando was a blast. We worked our tails off.  Ah….and for non SW fans, my subject line refers to what Orlando feels like in August. The heat &  humidity made the place feel like Dagobah, where Luke did his Jedi training with Yoda.

I was ‘stage manager’ for room W300 events. We had everyone from novelists Allston, Golden & Denning (yay!!) talking about writing, director Dave Filoni (Clone Wars) talking about the art of storytelling & storyboarding – he is an amazing artist, too, and was drawing characters during parts of his presentation; a fan film writer/producer, radio drama historians, social media & SW with a panel that included the actor who does the voice of Obi Wan Kenobi on the Clone Wars cartoon & Kyle Newman of Fanboys movie fame. We had panels discussing new non-fiction books coming out, including a craft book; we had scrapbooking and origami Yoda! Everyone had a great time.

The exhibit hall was packed with tons of new merchandise, amazing dioramas, and a huge life size TIE interceptor built by the Belgian 501st.  This year marks the 30th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back, so there were plenty of Boba Fett, Lando, and Empire-themed memorabilia. I did get a few new things to add to my collection – mostly small items though I ended shipping everything back – didn’t want to drag an extra suitcase on the plane!

I managed to see 2 of 4 things I was most interested in seeing:  Jon Stewart interviewed George Lucas – Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill came out on stage at the end of the interview. Very cool. I also saw the One Man Star Wars Trilogy – the guy does voices, sound effects & story for the original 3 movies. He is amazing!  My work schedule prevented me from getting to the TK Helmet exhibit – one decorated by JJ Abrams of Lost brought in $2500 for charity. I hear they raised $50,000. They did a Vader helmet exhibit at the last con. It was pretty amazing.

I lot of my SW friends were also working at the convention – we had dinner together on Wed. night before Thursday madness started. After that I’d run into them occasionally since all but 2 of them had signed up to work and we were scattered in various areas around the center.

Amazingly I only took a couple dozen pictures. I still need to get them posted to my FLICKR account so stay tuned!


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