novel progress…

Why do I punish you with occasional updates about the novel I am writing without giving you any details?  There really is a story there that I want to tell. At times I look at what I’ve written and wonder how much will survive the re-write. At times I think I am only creating the background for the characters – I am getting to know them better in each chapter – and that most of what I’ve written will end up on the cutting room floor. The opening that I love will disappear. (You get attached to those openings, ya’ know?)

So I update my word count publicly as a way to goad myself into continuing this process, to slave away over the descriptive details that I struggle with! And to embarrass myself if I give up!! Oh yes, gentle reader(s), this will give you the opportunity to chastise me should I put the novel writing aside.

Back in March, I posted that I was up to @28,000 words. I made zero progress – zilch, zippo, none – whilst I was in the UK. I thought I would have so much time to write.  That never really materialized.

I have been getting slowly back into the novel since the end of June. I’m sitting at just over 34,000 words now, aiming toward 90,000. Writers group critique last night pointed out that I left out some very crucial development in the chapter that I read last night. Their ideas alone could easily generate a few thousand more words!  Hang in there with me. Two more years maybe? If I get through this rough draft in 2 years I’ll be thrilled.  It sounds like forever…


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