day in the life…

We don’t need to repeat a day that starts with a tweet about a gunman in a library where a colleague works… thank goodness our friends at UT-Austin are all right.  Funny though – I spotted the tweet via a colleague in the UK. We spent a good part of the morning following our friend’s facebook posts, twitter, and streaming newscasts. My boss’ brother-in-law also works there so she was delighted to finally get an email from him at lunchtime.

I’m working on a reports inventory – my new job consists of creating/updating/maintaining the authoritative data set used for internal and external reporting. So I am attempting to discover what we are collecting, where all of it lives, who collects it, how it is collected, why it’s collected…then come up with a brilliant master plan for consolidating the data and associated documentation.

Today I talked with our financial services folks because I need to ferret through expenditures for e-resources and identify one-time purchases – some got tossed into the continuations pot with the end-of-year adventures. I also found out that we’ve never been able to provide one acq report that seems so basic that I’m too embarrassed to even mention it here.  I’ll follow up on that one and explain after I play with some Access queries and read through more documentation than you’d wish upon anyone…

I have started to pull the library data into a master excel file. And in the course of that, I discovered some anomalies that otherwise wouldn’t have surfaced until next spring when the ACRL Survey is completed. Don’t you hate it when the survey demands to know why there is huge difference in this year’s numbers vs. last year’s?

Don’t you hate it when you’ve recorded a figure in a column and then cannot duplicate it from supposedly the same source of said information? Sigh…

I was supposed to review applications today for the Service Quality Librarian position we are recruiting. That fell off my radar. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?


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