geek time…

I’ve upgraded. Probably behind the times so I imagine it wouldn’t be considered geek any longer, but it’s a new addition for me so I am officially calling it geek!

Ten days ago I opened my most recent Netflix disc and the throw-away wrapping had an advertisement for Roku. I don’t know why it caught my eye – I suppose it was different than the usual ‘give Netflix to a friend’ type ads.

To get to the end of the story… I am now watching my Flickr photos streaming on my 42 inch tv screen. “Oh?” you say. “What’s so cool about that?” Well – the tv is almost 11 years old. I hadn’t even considered doing anything more than watch old videos and dvds on it since I canceled cable well over a year ago. I expected that I’d wait ’til the tv croaked and I was forced to buy a new flat screen beauty with all the geek-stuff built into it before I was able to stream video or pictures.  But yay for Roku, which apparently has been around for a while. Through my wireless internet connection, I just watched season 2, episode 1 of Dr. Who through Netflix – I don’t have to stream to my 13 inch laptop any more!!!  WOO-HOO!! And I set up access to my Flickr account. I can also access video-on-demand, video from Hulu (soon), radio stations, and more.  Who needs cable?


2 thoughts on “geek time…

  1. OMG! I so want to be a geek, but I’m afraid the world passed me by a few years ago. We have a high tech flat screen and I STILL don’t know how to do that. I need to get some 20-something, land-line disdaining techno-guru to help me. ‘Course, Canada just got internet Netflix a couple months ago, so there wasn’t so much point to it…

    • I feel really lucky working in a library because cutting edge technology is right here where we’re at. If I’m particularly confused by something, I can always find someone here to help.

      And all my kids are tech-geeks, too, so I use them – and will probably rely on them even more as I get older. 🙂

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