and 1 more thing about coffee…

George Williams recently posted 4 Things to Love About Coffee on ProfHacker. He noted that many campuses have coffee shops, indeed, many libraries now boast coffee shops – including my own.

I agree with George’s observations on coffee and the charm of coffee shops as gathering places. I would add 1 more thing, which I do not quite understand concerning my own habits regarding coffee,  coffee shops, and writing.  I need quiet when I work on fiction at home. But take me to Radina’s, Hale’s 24 Hour Study (now with Einstein Bros.!), Panera, or Bluestem with laptop and latte in hand and I can be amazingly productive. Go figure!


2 thoughts on “and 1 more thing about coffee…

    • Well, if JK Rowling can do it, so can we!! Perhaps someday soon, there will be a sign at the The Wired Monk noting that this is where Marie Loughin wrote The Binding. I actually visited Elephant House in Edinburgh several times, which proclaims that of Rowling though she has mentioned nearby Nicholson’s Cafe as the spot.

      Anyway, fingers crossed!! It will be a long while before Radina’s or the others might do the same for me…

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