burnt popcorn & books…

They don’t mix. Not at all. See what happens when burnt popcorn sets off fire alarms in a library:

The building was evacuated around 2:10pm on Wednesday and reopened – amazingly – shortly after 5pm. Thankfully, there was no fire but when staff did their initial walk-through around 2:40, a major leak was discovered on the 1st floor, another on the 3rd floor. Staff kicked into high gear and quickly rolled out the disaster bins and grabbed the plastic tarp to cover shelves getting soaked. As soon as the shelves were covered, the book truck brigade began pulling materials that were wet and moved them to a staging area on 5th floor.


3 thoughts on “burnt popcorn & books…

    • Nope, not my popcorn! A couple dozen books were beyond saving. They haven’t done a complete assessment of the 1200 or so books that were pulled from the area, but it sounds like they’ll be able to press most dry, send others out to be re-bound. It could have been much worse.

  1. Books that are overly soaked so the pages are stuck can be put in a freezer to turn the water into ice crystals. Just as every library should have staff that has used fire extinguishers, there should be a plan for water damage. Are large blowers and large flexible tubing available from the fire department? Do insurers provide a disaster team, or who you gonna call when you have wet books?

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