the calm…

Last week was crazy busy even before the burnt popcorn debacle on Wednesday afternoon. I’d put up a picture of my calendar but it’s just one large orange blob. Nonetheless, we had a very successful & exciting week of interviews.

So it is now Monday morning. I’d marked my 8-9am hour to complete work for one of two search committee meetings scheduled for tomorrow morning, but because of my absolute efficiency (ha ha!), I finished up the one document I needed to prepare on Friday!

My first meeting is at 9:45am. I’ve been through my email.

Twiddle thumbs. What should I do with all this free time?

– Review reference & interview questions for 1 of tomorrow’s meetings; review notes on last week’s candidates for another meeting
– Turn on the reports computer and see if I recall anything about Access
– Investigate using VRS for some circulation/browse reports
– Dive back into the Reporting spreadsheet, review expenditure information, update data
– Complete a research data management survey
– Review NCES survey
– Catch up on blog reading
– Write an entry for my own blog to tell you that things have calmed down

Okay. Last one is done. Guess I’ll start at the top of the list.


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