january slipped away…

The kids returned to their lives in early January and my house was noticeably quieter.  With Jenny’s help on a visit mid-month, the Christmas decorations were relegated to storage for another year – except for the wreath on the door which I keep forgetting to take down. I seem to remember it’s there when the temperatures are in the single digits. Maybe it will disappear by March…

We’ve had snow here, but not nearly as much as friends and family further east. I’ll take what I can get!  The university closed for 2 days at the end of the month. Though I was dressed and ready to head out the door each of those mornings by the time the alert text message came in, I was more than delighted to get back into my pajamas and snuggle under a nice warm blanket.

We had another major leak at the library on January 13. It is a horrible feeling to watch water pouring in over books. The Great Room is still closed to the public but the other areas affected were opened about 2 weeks after the disaster.

I noticed I hadn’t mentioned my writing progress since September! You’ll be delighted to know I continue to plug away at the original fiction: @34,000 words then; almost 48,000 now.


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