it’s May…

I’m sitting here doing IM reference chat on the last day of classes.  I figured it might be quiet today, but looking at the morning log, it’s been anything but! A lot of last-minute paper writers out there. I do not envy them!

My role as chair of one of the Libraries’ core search committees is done! We completed our 5th search the second week of April. YAY!

I think I spent the rest of April gathering the data for the ACRL survey. Given the extension on the submission deadline, I decided to follow up with our IT folks to clarify digital collections information. I’ll finish that up next week.  I’ve also been working on acq and circ queries of Voyager, and updating a query master spreadsheet that I created last fall. Next month I’ll be meeting with a number of individuals to review the queries, tagging them, and renaming them in ways that will make them more user-friendly.

Speaking of Access queries and Voyager – I’m headed to Milwaukee for a technical seminar. NASIG is just a few weeks away. Colleagues Mary, Gaele, and I are taking the train from Kansas City to St. Louis! I can hardly wait.

And finally… writing… I was working on ch. 17 when I last posted, but spent much of the last month adding an additional scene to ch. 16. That’s done and both ch. 15 & 16 will get some heavy rewriting when I get to the revising stage. So 16 is done for now; 17 is complete, too, unless I spot things that need to change before I take it to writers group next week. Ch. 18 is well underway with some 2300+ words, which brings my total word count up to 67,286 or about 269 pages. Nice. It will be interesting to see if this comes out around 90,000 as I’ve predicted.


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